Auckland Farmers Market

If you are sick of eating sprayed up vegetables and “goods” which are no longer quite so good for you, then why don’t you consider checking out the Farmers Market’s in Auckland? They provide plenty of quality farmed goods that you can really pick up quality produce for a great price, safe in the knowledge that you are buying genuine food.

However, there are many markets to check out and finding the one most suited to you can take a little time and patience. Some of the best farmers markets are in Auckland, and they are usually based in the cities anyway, so you shouldn’t have to travel too far;

La Cigale’s

La Cigale’s French Market is one of the most impressive of the Farmer’s Market, and is a favourite for many. You can pick up a variety of produce like dairy, seafood, and meat. It’s absolutely bouncing on a Saturday and gives you plenty of opportunities to pick up some great food!

The people are colourful to say the least and if you go down regularly enough you will start to see some old faces and many new – it’s always full on Saturdays. Although open on Sundays, its nowhere near as full or vibrant and you don’t get quite the same quality of selection, so make sure you visit on a Saturday for the full experience!


A strong community-based Farmer’s Market, you get more than just produce here. It’s shaped like a horse-shoe which is always good, it helps add to the authenticity, and you can get a mix of good bargains, local music and some very unique wines to try out – so make sure you arrive via public transport!

The spices and garlics are some of the nicest you can pick up at a market – put them on any meal and turn it from a micro-dinner to divine cuisine – it’s also quite famous for the quality of tomatoes on display at the market and you can get them all over the place. It’s again one of the great Farmer’s Markets and is well worth checking out – it’s impossible to miss.


Sandringham is still in it’s first stages as a Farmer’s Market, but it’s already beginning to get quite the reputation as one to watch out for. With the intention to expand further in the future, going around the different suburbs in a rotation scheme to make sure everybody gets a chance, this once a month opportunity gives you the chance to pick up some cuisine not found in too many other markets.

From Japanese dumplings to some simply divine bread, there is plenty of very different food you can pick up at the Market to make it worth your while. It’s a bit different to your usual market, there are a lot of artisans in some very specific subjects who regularly visit here, so have a little fun exploring and see what you think of the place!

However, these are not the only markets! There are many more all across Auckland and frankly our best recommendation would be to see where you go with it – travel to a town, if you have the day free, and see what is on offer! The majority of Farmer’s Markets in Auckland take place on a Saturday or a Sunday, so ask around and see what sounds like it may appeal to you – but at least you have somewhere to start now on your Market hunt!

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