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Open communication: key to stronger marriage

Acknowledging your own shortcomings as well as understanding the flaws of your spouse make good foundation to healthy and strong relationship between spouses. And the key to it is open communication.

NMRE - wedding ring

In his article, How to Say “I’m Sorry” and Really Mean It, writer Brooke Ryan enumerates five powerful recommendations to mend relationships that have turned kaput.

It is normal for couples to have misunderstanding and arguments over the course of their married life.  But these should not be viewed as a sign to part ways. Instead, these misunderstandings should be taken as trials that needed to be resolved together.  After all, you once vowed,

“to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ‘till death do us part…”

But sadly, though, many couples decide to quit rather than persevere when things get rough, seeing parting ways as the best option.  This is “escapism” in the truest sense!

And then what?  Is escaping from a troubled phase in married life the real solution?

NMRE - sorry

While it is true that certain issues cannot be resolved while you persist in living together, you should also acknowledge that there are problems that can be settled by simply talking it out with your spouse.  Perhaps, a simple ‘sorry’ is all you need to heal those wounds.

But, this five-letter word, ‘sorry’, however is the hardest to utter.

And why is it so?  It’s because Pride has already set in your minds.  Take note that I said minds not heart.  Anger and pride are only in your minds.  True love never easily fades.  It’s just that you allow anger to rule your minds, wrapping that love with a web of hatred.

So, before you finally say goodbye and go your separate ways, try sitting down together and see if you can muster enough courage to say “sorry”.  Who knows it’s all that is needed to save your marriage.

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How to improve your sales at eBay

Selling your products on eBay is a matter of appropriate positioning and presentation.

crimson - ebay

While it is true that you can sell anything on eBay, making money through that platform is not an instant hit.  There are thousands of products out there and you most likely have several competitors.  The truth of the matter is that gaining sales on eBay takes careful planning, time, and packaging.

Here are a few pointers that might help you boost your sales on eBay.

Let’s presume that you already have a brand name of the product you are selling and a logo of your company.  Now, let’s proceed with how to get an edge over your competitors.

Credible username.  First and foremost, you must present yourself as a credible seller. Remember that customers are going to entrust their money to you before they get the product they want.  Make sure that your username is sensible enough to be trusted upon.

product presentation

Build a website. Most businesses have veered away from traditional marketing, and so you should also do. Your website gives customers assurance that they are dealing with a trustworthy business.

Product description. In online selling, always bear in mind that users or potential customers do not spend much time searching through lengthy and loquacious text.  They rather scan the page and go somewhere else if they can’t find the needed information right away.  Therefore, you must keep your product description concise and easy to understand.  See to it that with your product description is compelling enough for the reader to hit the ‘Buy’ button.

Also, don’t forget to include the size of the product, both in centimeters and inches. And when applicable, indicate its available colors.

Improve product presentation.  Since customers are unable to touch or see the actual product, make sure to present your product in high quality photographs taken at different angles.  Poorly taken photographs are likely to equate poor product quality.

online sellingShipping arrangement and Terms and Conditions.  Set your shipping schedule right away, and not wait for customers to inquire how much they are going to pay for it.  It is even advantageous if you could list down the shipping rates per package weight to various destinations.

Modes of payment.  This is an important aspect in online selling.  Make sure to lay down all information that customers need to know about the deals they are entering into.

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How to find Mr. Right

Are you desperately looking for Mr. Right?  How do you define that Right person?  Each woman has her own standard on what Mr. Right should be.

But, girl, before you embark on your search for that person, remember this one basic reality: despite modernization, it’s still a fact that some men remain conservative and are not open to the idea of women making the first move in courtship.  They tend to be turned off when a woman is aggressive.

So, be careful, lest you end up losing him.

Nevertheless, let me give you these simple tips on how to find your Mr. Right.

NMRE - confident woman

Be Miss Right in the first place.  If you are quiet and introvert who rather prefers to stay at home most of the time, don’t expect the man to come searching for you.  If you are too extrovert, flashy, and braggart, you may just drive away your Mr. Right.  Of, if you project an unhappy and grumpy personality, how could you expect the man of your dream to like you or have a happy relationship

In other words, try to change your negative attitudes, first and foremost.  No man, no matter how ‘right’ he may be to you, can transform your personality.  Learn how to be happy, caring, interesting, kind, and considerate.

NMRE - simple womanAssess your physical attributes.  You don’t need to be a beauty queen or like the supermodel you admire in magazines.  Just project a pleasing personality by donning clothes that flatter your body.  Don’t be too fancy with your clothes, or showing too much skin as to make you look eccentric.  Didn’t you know that wearing simple clothing can attract men?  If you are big, manage yourself correctly.  Don’t fit into a size 6 when you are a size 12.  Some men prefer a woman that has some meat, anyway.

Changing some little things about your physical appearance can also change your outlook in life.

NMRE - rlationshipObserve proper hygiene.  Nobody wants to be near someone whose body or mouth smells offensive.

Determine the qualities you want in a man.  Do you want someone who shares your values, religion, or culture? Are you looking for someone who can provide you security or companionship? Or, do you merely want the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ man?  Remember that what you choose today will greatly affect what you are going to get later on.  Choose carefully!

For more tips on how to hook your Mr. Right, listen to relationship expert Jonathan Green’s audio podcast.


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Fun day trip in Christchurch

If you only have a day left in your vacation in Christchurch, how about spending it on a fun day trip?  Christchurch offers several places to explore even just for a day.  Here are some of them:

Whale watching in Kaikoura

Whale watching in Kaikoura

Kaikoura.  Located on State Highway 1 to the north of Christchurch, Kaikoura is the perfect place to go especially among nature lovers.  It is famous for its wildlife and marine animals.

You can go there by road or train – but I recommend the former because it is through this slower travelling speed in which you get to witness the spectacular sights along the way – and experience the rural pastoral scenes as you move along and witness how the rugged Seaward Kaikoura Range meets the Pacific Ocean.

Kaikoura is the best whale watching place in the world, where you can admire Giant Sperm Whales up close all year round.  On other seasons, too, you’ll get to see Dusky Dolphins, the endangered Hectors Dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals, and a wide variety of birds.

Hammer Spring hot pool

Hanmer Springs hot pool

Hanmer Springs.  This small town in the Canterbury region 65 kilometres southwest of Kaikoura is famous for its natural hot pools and awesome landscapes.  It takes only a 90-minute drive from Christchurch.  There, you can immerse into the mineral-filled pools, or indulge in some other adventure activities like jet boating, mountain biking, forest hiking, horse trekking, or bungy jumping, to name a few.


Arthur's Pass

Arthur’s Pass

Arthur’s Pass. Formerly known as Camping Flat, and then Bealey Flats, this township is the best place for nature and adventure lovers.  A day tour to Arthur’s Pass is a scenic rail journey along the Tranz Alpine train.

The train gradually takes you up through breath-taking gorges and river valleys of the Waimakariri River to the Southern Alps and into the alpine village of Arthur’s Pass.

Edoras (Mount Sunday)

Edoras (Mount Sunday)

Edoras.  If you were mesmerized with the scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and wished you were there, well, you can actually get there!

Take a 9-hour adventure from Christchurch to Edoras or Mount Sunday – yes, that’s the name of the place – and engage in the magical world you saw in the movies.  You can even have your pictures taken against the background of Aragon’s sword, Gimli’s axe, or the Rohan flag.


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