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How to find Mr. Right

Are you desperately looking for Mr. Right?  How do you define that Right person?  Each woman has her own standard on what Mr. Right should be.

But, girl, before you embark on your search for that person, remember this one basic reality: despite modernization, it’s still a fact that some men remain conservative and are not open to the idea of women making the first move in courtship.  They tend to be turned off when a woman is aggressive.

So, be careful, lest you end up losing him.

Nevertheless, let me give you these simple tips on how to find your Mr. Right.

NMRE - confident woman

Be Miss Right in the first place.  If you are quiet and introvert who rather prefers to stay at home most of the time, don’t expect the man to come searching for you.  If you are too extrovert, flashy, and braggart, you may just drive away your Mr. Right.  Of, if you project an unhappy and grumpy personality, how could you expect the man of your dream to like you or have a happy relationship

In other words, try to change your negative attitudes, first and foremost.  No man, no matter how ‘right’ he may be to you, can transform your personality.  Learn how to be happy, caring, interesting, kind, and considerate.

NMRE - simple womanAssess your physical attributes.  You don’t need to be a beauty queen or like the supermodel you admire in magazines.  Just project a pleasing personality by donning clothes that flatter your body.  Don’t be too fancy with your clothes, or showing too much skin as to make you look eccentric.  Didn’t you know that wearing simple clothing can attract men?  If you are big, manage yourself correctly.  Don’t fit into a size 6 when you are a size 12.  Some men prefer a woman that has some meat, anyway.

Changing some little things about your physical appearance can also change your outlook in life.

NMRE - rlationshipObserve proper hygiene.  Nobody wants to be near someone whose body or mouth smells offensive.

Determine the qualities you want in a man.  Do you want someone who shares your values, religion, or culture? Are you looking for someone who can provide you security or companionship? Or, do you merely want the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ man?  Remember that what you choose today will greatly affect what you are going to get later on.  Choose carefully!

For more tips on how to hook your Mr. Right, listen to relationship expert Jonathan Green’s audio podcast.


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Top Reasons to be Single

So you’d rather be out on a date and have a girlfriend or a boyfriend – fair enough. But hey! It isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes we have to be single while we learn why we are driving men away and how to fix it. There are great reasons to be single, and I’m going to share some of them with you now.

Reason #1: You are absolutely free

That is right: you are absolutely free from any responsibilities. While it is nice to be able to have someone else responsible to you, it is less fun being obligated to them. If your job offers you an opportunity that requires you to move half way across the country – why not, right? After all, you have absolutely no one tying you down. Do you want to walk around the house in your underwear? Then DO IT. This might be the only chance you get to have pizza every single night for a whole week. Granted, I hope you are choosing pizza with vegetables on top at least – but why not live the dream while you still can?

Reason #2: You are investing in yourself

When you are with someone, it may be lovely, it may be sweet, it may be comforting. But one thing is certain: you have less to invest in yourself. And, ultimately, you cannot truly invest in someone else if you don’t invest in yourself. Why? Because then you’d have nothing to give! If we feel bad about ourselves and don’t know how to be happy WITHIN OURSELVES then we will never be able to make a partner happy. Which is why being single is an amazing opportunity to reclaim yourself. Instead of having your wants dictated by a partner, now is a time to figure out what exactly you want, and what makes you happier. Learn how to be self-sufficient and happy, so that you never have to rely on someone else.

Reason #3: You get to experience things you wouldn’t have otherwise

My newly singledom was initially quite shocking and not pleasent. I didn’t want to be single. I dreaded the day that I would be single. I had forgotten what it was like to not have a partner. It had been so long that I just didn’t know how to be by myself. I thought that being alone would mean that my life would be less vibrant. But not so! Instead, my life has never been fuller. Being by myself has forced me to try things I’d have never tried. I initially did these things and met new people to stave off the loneliness – but now I am so happy I reached out and made new friends, contacts and went out and tried new things on a Friday night.

Being single was initially scary and I had to take it one day at a time. But now that I’ve been single for awhile, it really isn’t that bad after all. While I’m sure I’d never pick to be by myself, while I’m here, I figure I might as well enjoy the ride and make the most out of it.

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Things to NOT say on a date

A lot of my girlfriends are starting to get into the dating scene again, after being married for 10+ years. And when you get back into dating, it can be a really daunting task to say the least. When you have been married for so long, you forget what it is like to talk to strangers. And when you are with strangers, you have to be a bit different: they don’t know you, they don’t know what you “really” mean, all they do is take your words at face value. First impressions COUNT.

That is why today, I am going to write my blog post on what NOT to say on a date.

DON’T SAY 1: “I am unemployed”

OK: So a lot of wives end up becoming stay-at-home-moms, and ditch their day jobs. And this is fine – as long as you are MARRIED. But now that we are in the 21st century, your date is looking for a woman that is strong an independent: and being unemployed says anything BUT that.

So, what do you say if you are actually unemployed, when he asks you what you are doing? Say that you have been out of the job scene for awhile, and that you are in the process of applying for jobs. This helps if you actually ARE applying for jobs. This makes you look like you are independent, and that you are looking to look after yourself – not be taken care of.

DON’T SAY 2: “What car do you drive?”

Every girl’s dream is to hitch a guy who has money to his name. But when you are on your first dates, you don’t want to appear like a gold-digger. So don’t ask him about the make of his car, unless he brings it up in discussion. Don’t ask him how much he earns. And absolutely do not ask him how many bedrooms he has in his house. You should be interested in HIM, not how much money he has.

DON’T SAY 3: “I am looking to have 5 children”

And please – this ISN’T the time to bring up your hopes and dreams for the future. You are in the very beginning stages of getting to know someone. The truth is, they don’t know yet if they like you or not: and they won’t have time if all they are worrying about is whether or not you’ve made plans before they have.

Some people say – oh, if they don’t want to discuss this, then doesn’t that mean they will never be ready for commitment? NO. It doesn’t mean that at all! As I said, they don’t know yet if they like you enough to keep seeing you – let them just get to know you, before scaring them away. Hope that helps! As always please share a comment on your thoughts.

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Dating advice from a single woman

My friends often come for me for dating advice. As a single woman, I am often out in the scene. I can get tiring at times; heading out to bars, meeting strangers and trying to balance this with the rest of my life. It can get stressful at times; but it is also a lot of fun. I’ve decided to share some of my dating advice with the rest of the women on the internet, so read on.

NMRE’s Advice: Don’t go out every week

You might feel underpressure to go out and find a man as soon as possible (I have heard many stories of overbearing mothers). But don’t listen to them: the number one thing you need to do is to look after yourself. And trust me – going out week after week after week gets tiring, especially if you throw alcohol into the mix. Don’t go out each week, instead stay in some weekends. Read a book, do your nails and cook yourself a nice home cooked dinner.

NMRE’s Advice: Let the men come to you

As silly as it may sound, a lot of men feel intimidated by women that are assertive when it comes to the dating scene. See, you have to understand men – they like to be the protectors. And if you come in there, guns blazing, then your confidence will be attractive at first – but soon, they’ll start to feel redundant, and feel that they aren’t living up to their image of themselves as a protector. When dating men, you need to make sure you don’t take away their masculinity.

NMRE’s Advice: Don’t go dutch

It is my policy that if you a man asks you out on a date, then he should foot the bill – after all, it is his job to impress you, and not the other way around. And since I advise you to not go to men, except for exceptional circumstances, it should be him asking you out – not the other way around. If you go dutch and split the bill, you are doing the same thing as asking him out. You are removing his feelings of being a protector which, while seemingly convienant in the short term, won’t work out in the long term.

So there you go – look after yourself. Make yourself the priority, not having a boyfriend be your biggest concern. And remember: the boyfriend is to look after you, not the other way around.

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