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Open communication: key to stronger marriage

Acknowledging your own shortcomings as well as understanding the flaws of your spouse make good foundation to healthy and strong relationship between spouses. And the key to it is open communication.

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In his article, How to Say “I’m Sorry” and Really Mean It, writer Brooke Ryan enumerates five powerful recommendations to mend relationships that have turned kaput.

It is normal for couples to have misunderstanding and arguments over the course of their married life.  But these should not be viewed as a sign to part ways. Instead, these misunderstandings should be taken as trials that needed to be resolved together.  After all, you once vowed,

“to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ‘till death do us part…”

But sadly, though, many couples decide to quit rather than persevere when things get rough, seeing parting ways as the best option.  This is “escapism” in the truest sense!

And then what?  Is escaping from a troubled phase in married life the real solution?

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While it is true that certain issues cannot be resolved while you persist in living together, you should also acknowledge that there are problems that can be settled by simply talking it out with your spouse.  Perhaps, a simple ‘sorry’ is all you need to heal those wounds.

But, this five-letter word, ‘sorry’, however is the hardest to utter.

And why is it so?  It’s because Pride has already set in your minds.  Take note that I said minds not heart.  Anger and pride are only in your minds.  True love never easily fades.  It’s just that you allow anger to rule your minds, wrapping that love with a web of hatred.

So, before you finally say goodbye and go your separate ways, try sitting down together and see if you can muster enough courage to say “sorry”.  Who knows it’s all that is needed to save your marriage.

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Why Marriages Break Down

Marriage is a beautiful thing – a holy divinity between two people who love each other for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, the beautiful thing that was just described is rarely the haven that a married couple sign up for. They instead come into a series of long arguments and glass-shattering moments when they see personality traits that were never there before. And while many people would like to stop their divorce, that doesn’t always happen.


Marriage is supposed to be the final commitment, the ultimate. However, this commitment can be too much for some people whether they went too fast or just have too many differences. For many years, divorce percentages have been ridiculously high, and there are a lot of common inferences that seem to come up in the proceedings and the reasons why things are ending.

Having thoroughly researched the reasons why most marriages fail, we have compiled a list of the four most prominent reasons why any married couple tend to split up.

A Difference In Lives Priorities

This is an extremely common one which you hear, and which unfortunately could be so easily avoided. One of the first things you want to know about somebody is their plans for their future, for their life. Once married, finding out that these priorities differ greatly can be an extremely difficult thing to get to grips with.

This was seen as one of the key factors in divorce, as married couples were never after the same things in life.


Sadly, a lot of us cannot keep to the sanctity of marriage. It’s sad, because we do our best not to break any other contract we sign up for – so why is it so common for somebody to be with someone else when they are married?

This is probably a culmination of the other three facts, but most affairs happen because the spark has died within the marriage. What caused that spark to die is hard to find out, but must be for there to be any hope of saving a marriage.

Financial Issues

Sadly, in this modern world, love is trumped quite heavily by money. Loving somebody when you are young and care-free is easy, loving somebody when they sleep twice a week due to financial stress is a different matter. Financial issues are the cause of a huge amount of breakups, as the stress gets too much and rather than admit they messed up couples take it out on each other.

The best way to get around this, of course, is to realize that money worries can and will be fixed if you just give them time and work together. But financial issues are seen as one of the most common reasons why things end in tears.


Whether one wants children and the other doesn’t, the couple cannot have children, or they struggle to raise a child, children is one of the most common causes of divorce, too. Parents who are struggling in other aspects of their lives can sometimes see the child as part of the problem, leading to a difficult relationship between the parents themselves. Children can be seen as “ruining dreams” or “holding us back” and this can cause irreparable damage.

All of these cases are massively common, and to avoid them you need to be prepared to really look at yourself in the mirror. Looking and seeing that your problems are either not as bad as you once thought or that they are beatable is the first part, though – not divorce.

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