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What I’ve learned about Zodiac Signs recently

Recently, I’ve been studying zodiac signs and what they mean. It has been really interesting! I know what you are thinking. NMRE, Zoadiac signs aren’t real. Why are you wasting your time with that nonsense? Well, I personally disagree. I’ve seen it work not just in my life, but in the lives of people that I know. So I’ve been reading up on the different signs – and here is some interesting facts on each one.


Wow – if you are this, it means that you are strong and powerful. Good for you! I am not Aries but I have friends that are, and I’ve learned a lot from being friends with them.


These people are very reliable. They are pragmatic and build really stable lives. I have found that having these individuals in my life acts as a stabilizing force. They make very reliable, sweet romantic partners.


Heh, this sign is… interesting. These people tend to be rather cheeky. If someone is pulling a prank, it is probably them!


Don’t be fooled by the name. Cancer is actually a really lovely sign. These people tend to be reliable as well. They have a tendency to be emotional though, and they can take things personally. It isn’t because they are difficult, it is just that they care so much!


Meeting a Leo is an experience. This sign is represented by a lion, and for good reason. They are powerful leaders. This can make them a bit stubborn, but only because they are focused on doing such a good job.


This is the perfectionalists in the world! If you need something done right, then these are the people to do it. You can always count on them, and they tend to stop us from making rash decisions that we’ll regret later.


If anyone knows how to balance work and play, it is Libra’s. These guys tend to be the ones who have “it altogether’. They are also a harmonizing type, and tend to bring people together.


This is me – could you tell?! It is the philosophical, free-thinking people of this world. We like to challenge the status quo – but we aren’t aggressive about it.


You know that person that always knows how to fix anything? That person you can rely on to change your tire? All of those practical people: they are almost certainly Capricorn’s, as this is their strength.


This type has a split personality, which means they can be whatever they need to be in the moment. One moment, they are shy and quiet. The next they can be the biggest party girl in the club!


And finally, we come to Pisces. Do you have a friend who is a humanitarian advocate? Charitable people tend to be Pisces, as they are the peacekeepers of the world.

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