How to find Mr. Right

Are you desperately looking for Mr. Right?  How do you define that Right person?  Each woman has her own standard on what Mr. Right should be.

But, girl, before you embark on your search for that person, remember this one basic reality: despite modernization, it’s still a fact that some men remain conservative and are not open to the idea of women making the first move in courtship.  They tend to be turned off when a woman is aggressive.

So, be careful, lest you end up losing him.

Nevertheless, let me give you these simple tips on how to find your Mr. Right.

NMRE - confident woman

Be Miss Right in the first place.  If you are quiet and introvert who rather prefers to stay at home most of the time, don’t expect the man to come searching for you.  If you are too extrovert, flashy, and braggart, you may just drive away your Mr. Right.  Of, if you project an unhappy and grumpy personality, how could you expect the man of your dream to like you or have a happy relationship

In other words, try to change your negative attitudes, first and foremost.  No man, no matter how ‘right’ he may be to you, can transform your personality.  Learn how to be happy, caring, interesting, kind, and considerate.

NMRE - simple womanAssess your physical attributes.  You don’t need to be a beauty queen or like the supermodel you admire in magazines.  Just project a pleasing personality by donning clothes that flatter your body.  Don’t be too fancy with your clothes, or showing too much skin as to make you look eccentric.  Didn’t you know that wearing simple clothing can attract men?  If you are big, manage yourself correctly.  Don’t fit into a size 6 when you are a size 12.  Some men prefer a woman that has some meat, anyway.

Changing some little things about your physical appearance can also change your outlook in life.

NMRE - rlationshipObserve proper hygiene.  Nobody wants to be near someone whose body or mouth smells offensive.

Determine the qualities you want in a man.  Do you want someone who shares your values, religion, or culture? Are you looking for someone who can provide you security or companionship? Or, do you merely want the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ man?  Remember that what you choose today will greatly affect what you are going to get later on.  Choose carefully!

For more tips on how to hook your Mr. Right, listen to relationship expert Jonathan Green’s audio podcast.


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