Stay warm with a Heat Pump in Auckland

Winter has come and gone, and spring is now here. Despite that though, New Zealand has faced one of the worst spring cold snaps on record. Instead of welcoming in sunshine and picnics, we were given a rude hello to September with the onslaught of an extreme storm. As a result, the weather went down and people began to pull out there old, expensive heaters. I highly recommend you ditch that though in favour of heat pumps for auckland – efficient and cheaper. I’ve always been a strong proponent of heat pumps, and here is why.

Reason #1: They Save Our Environment

Humanity has already left a nasty footprint all over the planet with its use of cars, rivers and landfills. The least we can do is give back a little – especially in New Zealand. Why? Well, New Zealand arguably needs its environment the most. We make so much money through our tourism trade, and our tourism is literally dependent on having nice scenery. Heat pumps are a really efficient form of heating, and use a tiny amount of electricity. Throw away those fireplaces and embrace modern technology, people.

Reason #2: They are Cheap and Save Money

Come on lets face it – who likes spending money on electricity? NOT ME. I like using it but I don’t like spending money on it. When I buy some nice dinner, it tastes good. When I buy a new shirt, it looks good. When I pay my electricity bill… I get no immediate gratification, except for the fact that I know I can go turn on a lightbulb, and it will work. So, if there is any way I can find to lower my electricity bill, I usually try to do that. And there are some really great tips out there for how to do that, actually. But for now, one of the ways I do that is through my heat pump.

Reason #3: They are super warm and cozy

Everyone loves sitting in front of fire places. Nothing makes you feel more warm and cozy. But here is the thing. Fireplaces feel lovely… when you are in that room, right in front of it. The heat does not distribute well around the room. Instead, it all clumps into one place – which is exactly what you DON’T want! For a nice warm house, you want the warmth to distribute through multiple rooms. Heat pumps don’t do that specifically unless you purchase a ducted one, but what they do do is fill the whole room with warmth – increasing chances of it flowing throughout the house. In short, they keep you warmer and while don’t have the same “feel-good” factor, are much better.

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