Three Great Tourist Attractions in Auckland

When you combine outstanding, picturesque scenery with one of the most vibrant cities in the country, you are left with the outstanding concoction that is Auckland. A place of outstanding contrasts a series of adventures to undertake, the largest city in New Zealand is home to more than 1.5 million people. As well as this, Auckland is the largest Polynesian city on the planet.

The entire city is built around the scenery, meaning you can go from the busy streets and bustling city-life to the beautiful country walks and hiking trails. With an excellent nightlife and a huge amount of enjoyable restaurants to fit your tastes, Auckland has all of the great attractions you need to create a real tourist trap.

Mix in the charming climate and the unique atmosphere within Auckland, and you are left with one of the most enjoyable locations to visit in the country. The most diverse city in New Zealand has a real amount of great tourist attractions you absolutely must visit.

Water Tours

The Auckland waters are truly outstanding and you can be there in just a few moments from central Auckland. You can take on cruises on a classic style yacht, and even charter one if you have the experience. You can go and visit the local mammals, with local eco-safaris taking place every day. You can also take part or just enjoy the spectacle of the America’s Cup Racing Yacht Tournament.

As well as this, you can take the ferry to Devonport and enjoy a far more rustic stay than the bustling life in Auckland. You can even visit the gun emplacements in North Head, which are well worth seeing if you wish to see truly outstanding pieces of firepower.

Hauraki Gulf

The Hauraki Gulf is right on the doorstep of Auckland, and plays host to a wide variety of truly outstanding natural islands. Visit the summit of Rangitoto, a huge volcano island in the middle of the Gulf. You can visit on a Kayak, and enjoy a casual paddle across to the island.

As well as this, you can take in an exquisite wine tasting class on Waiheke Island, enjoy a swim near Motuihe Island and see the outstanding Mansion House which is situated on Kawau Island. Mansion House was once the home of Governor George Gray.

The Sky Tower

The Sky tower is an insane 328 meters high, with glass fronted lifts all the way to the top. With this, you can take in some of the most outstanding views you will see your whole time here in Auckland. You even do the Sky Walk or the Sky Jump, which are truly outstanding and thrilling activities to take part it.

The Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in the country, and offers a full view at the top. With 80 kilometers in every direction, you can really take in the beauty that is New Zealand.

There are many brilliant places to come and visit in New Zealand, and Auckland has many more awesome tourist attractions. If you are planning on visiting, then make sure that you have the opportunity to do just that!

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