What to do with storage once you’ve moved?

My relatives recently have been contacted by their Storage Contains located in Christchurch, telling them that their contract was up, and asking if they’d like to renew. They got a nice surprise when they said they would – the prices had lowered! How often do prices get lowered? The only time I’ve ever truly seen prices be cut was by fast food companies during the recession. And now that we are starting to climb out of it, the value items are much worse than they used to be before (I suppose companies assume that we all suddenly have amazing jobs now, don’t they).

I was pleased for them, though. I’ve mentioned them before on this blog – they are kiwi’s who live in New Zealand. They used to live in Christchurch, until they recently moved up to Auckland. You may or may not have heard, but there were some sizeable earthquakes in New Zealand. They started on September 2010, and they only just stopped properly in 2012. But it still left the city savaged. My cousins had their home utterly destroyed. As a result, it was deemed unsafe to live in. So they had to store all of their stuff. You don’t realise just how much stuff you have and how much storage room it takes until you don’t have a house anymore. I felt that way when I moved to my tiny apartment here.

Regardless, they were lucky enough to find the company Storage Direct. They were very tired and so they didn’t want to have to lug it all out to a shed, but apparently, this outlet actually delivers mobile storage units to your house. It is a neat idea, and one that saved them a lot of headaches. They then picked it up for them, and have been storing it for them ever since.

They had plans to take it all with them to Auckland. I’ve talked before about how I believed that once you’ve gone without all of your stuff, you get used to it fast and suddenly you don’t feel like you need it after all. It turns out that it was true for them. Once they had gone without all of it, they didn’t really need it. That is why it was great that their rental prices for the unit had decreased, since it meant they had to justify it less to themselves.

But still – what do you do with all of the junk? I’m leaving it up to my readers. Please let me know in the comments.

Photos taken from: http://www.storagedirect.co.nz

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